Thursday, March 3, 2016

Photographers Forum Meeting Night!

Thanks to everyone who attended tonight's meeting! As always we had some terrific images and great conversation. Extra thanks to those who brought refreshments! Be sure not to miss next months meeting, April 6th at VAE (7:00pm 309 W. Martin Street, Raleigh). Come down, see some great work, join the conversation and get inspired!

And don't forget, this Friday is First Friday in Raleigh. Be sure to come out and support other artists like ourselves. We all appreciate it!

(c) Stuart Klipper

This month's Guest Artist in Absentia was Stuart Klipper. To learn more about Stuart and see more of his work, go to his website: We may have more Guest Artists in the future. If you would like to recommend someone just send me their name and I will add them to our list.

Stay tuned! There's much more to come...

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