Thursday, October 6, 2016

Forum Photographers Hit the Click! Festival

Forum photographers got out on the town, gathering at Vic's Italian Restaurant prior to heading off to the NCMA to hear Zanelle Muholi, the self-described "visual activist" discuss her work. As always John picked a great place for the group to eat, hang-out and socialize.

Forum members out on the town!
Photo by Barbara Tyroler

We heard a fantastic talk by South African photographer Zanele Muholi at the NCMA. Zanele is here for her exhibit at the NCMA titled: "Faces and Phases" as part of the Click! Festival.

Muholi’s work is rooted in social justice and advocacy, and she sees herself equally as an activist and photographer. Through her deeply personal portraits, she strives to present positive images of individuals often confronted by others’ assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices regarding race, sexuality, and identity. Her subjects look straight at the camera (and the viewer): openly, defiantly, shyly, proudly. “This is not art, this is life,” says Muholi. ”Each and every photograph is someone’s biography.”

Zanele Muholi speaking at the NCMA
photo by Ray Pfeiffer

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