Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KickStarter Campaign for Christer Bergs New Book is Underway!

As those of us who attend meetings regularly will know, our own Christer Berg has been working diligently on his Fabric of Raleigh/Fabric of Durham project for the last couple of years. We've all had the privilege of viewing prints of the work as he's been creating them, and they are amazing! We've also seen the outtakes and behind the scenes images. In short, we've had a front row seat to the creation of a terrific body of work.

Well, now we have the opportunity to help him share his project with the rest of the world by pre-ordering a copy at his KickStarter page here.

Produced in association with Horse & Buggy Press in Durham, it will be a high-quality hardcover book with 45 full-page portraits - from firefighters to pastors, from baristas to cobblers, and from urban farmers to construction workers - plus behind the scenes photos, stories, and quotes. For regular Forum attendees, we've seen many of these images and know they are fantastic!

The book will also feature essays by Liza Roberts, the Editor and General Manager of Walter Magazine; Roylee Duvall, gallery director at Through This Lens Gallery; and Roger Manley, director of the Gregg Museum of Art and Design.

So you are invited to take advantage of a pre-production discount of $20 if you order now. Don't pass up a great opportunity to own a collection of extraordinary work and support the efforts of a truly gifted photographer.


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