Friday, January 4, 2019

Photographers Fourm Kicks Off 2019!

The Photographers Forum got off to a great start in the New Year with their first meeting in 2019. As always, we saw some terrific work by some of the best photographers working in the Triangle.

Photo artist Linda Wright presents her work during the January Photographers Forum

This months’ artist in absentia was George Tice. He has no website unfortunately, but just do a search and you will be justly rewarded.

In the course of our reviews a couple of subjects came up and I mentioned a couple of artists whose work might be of interest to anyone wishing to follow up.

The first subject was drone photography. With any new technology it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating work that’s little more than a cliché. I mentioned the work of Bill Schwab who is doing some really terrific work with drones. Check out his website: His drone work is in the The Human Stain portfolio. It’s a new portfolio and he doesn’t have a lot of images up yet, but you can see he’s making great use of the technology, not the other way around. You can see more drone images (and a lot of other great work) on his InstaGram feed:

We also talked about abstract photography and it’s hard to think about abstracts and not think about the work of Aaron Siskind. One of the most influential photographic artists of the 20th century, his career spanned over six decades. Again, an internet search will call up an abundance of excellent resources, but a good place to start is at the Aaron Siskind Foundation site:
All in all, a great way to start off the New Year! Stay tuned. As always there's much more to come...


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